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The head can likely be saved. The valve seats will need to be machined/replaced. What I would do is smooth the chamber with a port job first, then cut the seats. The cylinder is pretty bad. A ball hone isn't going to be enough. It looks like you can buy used jugs on Ebay for $50 USD so it's likely going to cost more to have that one machined than just buying a used one and running a ball hone. You'll need new rings. I would order the jug before you order the piston so you know the ID of the cylinder. Most likely its 0.000 but there is a chance it might be something like .0010 where you would need to order a corresponding piston and rings. I'd check the rod but your crank/bearings are probably okay. There is a chance that the rod is bent but even if it is that doesn't mean it won't run. I've had a bent rod in an Isuzu for 30k miles that I still drive.
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