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2001 1500 Classic FI.
K&N Air Filter
V&H Classic II pipes

I've removed the V&H baffles and built my own to get a deeper/louder sound.

I'm concerned that it may be making the bike too lean and everything I read about whether or not you need to add a fuel commander is contradictory. Some say you need one only if you've done an air box mod. Others say you need it with just aftermarket pipes straight out of the box.

1. The bike only occasionally pops on deceleration. It's usually just kind of a gurgling sound (this description does it no justice, it actually sounds quite nice... er... mean), not the loud repetitive pops I've experienced on carbed bikes running too lean. I realize this is only an idle speed condition.

2. It seems I may have lost some power, however I suspect it may be more that I'm just being a little bit more conservative with the throttle so as not to attract flashing lights of the blue color!

3. I've read that if it's running lean I would experience poor fuel mileage. One, this does not make sense to me as if it's using less fuel, I'd think fuel mileage would increase. And two, it seems my mileage has increased a bit... which could also be attributed to being a little more conservative with the throttle.

4. There is a small amount of black soot accumulating on my custom baffles. This tells me it may not be running lean.

5. I know that checking the plugs would tell me, but how many miles of running lean would it take turn plugs in unknown condition to the telltale white?

Thanks for reading and any possible input.
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