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  1. Exhaust sealant removal

    Engine Work
    I had to slide my exhaust back a touch when fitting. It exposed some of the sealant I used as lube. It has dried on like cement and i cannot seem to get it to budge. The pipes are coated in ceramic and I cant be too aggressive. Any ideas from the community would be great. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Intermittent 3rd Gear problem

    Vulcan 650 S
    Hi guys, My bike is having problems going into 3rd gear sometimes. Most of the time if I rev 2nd gear over 4500 rpm and try to go in 3rd, the neutral light comes on and then goes back to 2nd gear... today, problem was happening even when I change gears at "normal and suggested" rev/speed...
  3. Cant find any Booster plugs for sale (Vulcan S 650)

    BOTM Hall of Fame
    Hey guys, Does anybody have a link to where they bought their Booster plug from? Everything appears to be either sold out or unavailable, ive checked multiple sites. Its not necessary but from the other threads it appears like its a noticeable difference in the first couple gears. New to the...
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    Vulcan s Warrior
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    Give me gravel and watch me travel
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    The ride
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  8. Can anyone tell me if these bars would fit?

    Vulcan 650 S
    Hey guys, I found these bars on ebay, i was wondering if any one could help me. Would these fit my vulcan s650? Ebay bars. ( id love the 18" rise)