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  1. Vulcan S — Corbin Seat

    Bike Parts, exhausts, etc. For Sale
    $450, and I’ll cover shipping. I accept PayPal or Venmo. Brown leather with orange stitching. Back story: I found this on marketplace. The photos were dim, so it actually looked black and red (perfect for my paint scheme). It arrived and I just can’t handle the look on my bike. Too bad because...
  2. R&G Tail tidy

    General Vulcan Talk
    up and coming motovlogger. i try really hard to get out but being a new father it came quite difficult, alot of future mods will be coming shortly!
  3. Vulcan S Owners - Questions in this Post, Any Help is Apprciated

    Vulcan 650 S
    Hey all, I purchased a 2015 Vulcan S with essentially 7k miles on it earlier this year after selling what was my dream bike since childhood, Honda F4i(damn thing hurt too much to ride and I'm only 23 WTF). Good ole Kawasaki Candy Lime Green, nicknamed Mike....Mike Wazowski lol. Wanted to see if...
  4. Vulcan S A2 Restrictor 2020 Model (UK)

    Vulcan 650 S
    Hi, just trying to get to the bottom of this one. We've all seen the super-easy de-restriction videos on YouTube on the Vulcan S, where they remove the loop and take out the throttle screw. Has this been changed up on the 2020 model of the bike? I've done some digging around and some people seem...
  5. 35L saddlebags too big for Vulcan S 2018?

    Vulcan 650 S
    Hi Folks, Wondering if anyone with a 2015-2020 Vulcan S (I have an ABS SE) has 35 Liter saddlebags. I just want them for riding around town grocery shopping , and the occasional weekend trip and think that 23L size is too small for my needs but worry that 35L will be too large. Does anyone have...
  6. Fairing or no Fairing? ***New member

    New Member Introductions
    Just bought a new 2020 Kawi Vulcan S. First mod..Installed this fairing? What's your guys thoughts? I am thinking about taking off the fairing and cutting the acrylic to fit the front light better. (not sure how easy acrylic is to cut)
  7. For Sale/Trade: Two Brothers Vulcan S Exhaust

    Bike Parts, exhausts, etc. For Sale
    I will be acquiring a 2015 Vulcan S next week that is fitted with TBR exhaust. Unfortunately this exhaust is too loud for my taste and I’m looking to sell it entirely or trade it for a quieter exhaust. I’m located in Florida but I’m willing to ship it anywhere in the country. Feel free to ask...
  8. Vulcan S Med OEM Windshield w/ Mounts

    Bike Parts, exhausts, etc. For Sale
    Medium OEM windshield with mounts. Too small for me. The mounts are chrome. I am 95% certain it is a medium. But there is a chance I am measuring in the wrong spot. Measurement from center bottom to center top is 14" $200+shipping
  9. led headlight bulb swap

    Vulcan 650 S
    hello would i need to change anything on the bike for using a led headlight bulb. thanks
  10. Vulcan S Two Bros Exhaust for sale

    Bike Parts, exhausts, etc. For Sale
    I have a Two Brothers Exhaust for sale for the Vulcan S. It sounds absolutely amazing and is pretty loud.. but in a good way! Decent paint, it is an exhaust so the paint is a little faded but isn’t rusted. Asking $400 firm.
  11. For sale Delkevic bull nose ceramic

    Bike Parts, exhausts, etc. For Sale
    I have a Delkivic muffler for sale. Not the header pipes, just the muffler with the baffle. A little of the fiberglass insulation started to come out of the seal where the carbon fiber meets the end. (as seen in the pic) Fairly sure this can be pulled out and it would stop, just needs a quick...
  12. Considering buying a Vulcan S ABS

    General Vulcan Talk
    I currently ride a 2001 Vulcan 500 but I’m not super thrilled with it, mostly because of a few mechanical issues and the fact that there is a fair amount of dents and scratches from the previous owner dropping it and while I’d like to have an Indian Scout 60 I can’t afford the 9 grand price tag...