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  1. Please help with fuel pump wiring!

    Engine Work
    I have a 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 classic. The fuel pump model is 49040-0015. The original fuel pump went bad and so i replaced it with a quantum fuel pump. I have tested the fuel pump with a battery and it works perfectly fine, but when i get it all put together and plugged in to the harness...
  2. Fuel pump help!

    Vulcan 900
    I had to replace my fuel pump with an aftermarket one. While doing so I accidentally broke the metal piece that hinges. I don’t know what it’s called and was hoping someone here would have some insight! I have included a picture with the part in question circled
  3. How to install H4 "Sealight" LED Headlight on Vulcan 900

    Wrench Heads
    A great and inexpensive, pretty much plug-n-play, LED alternative to your stock headlight for Kawasaki Vulcan 900, and probably for other bikes as well. Here are the easy step-by-step instructions how to install it:
  4. Need help finding new gas tank!

    Vulcan 900
    Hello all! I apologize if this is the wrong spot to be asking, but I’m new to the forum. I recently purchased a 2006 Vulcan 900 classic. Only issue is rust in the tank. I’m about to start the process of removing the rust, but if it doesn’t work I’d like to purchase a new tank. Maybe i just suck...
  5. Starting problem

    Vulcan 900
    Good day Ladies and Gents, I bought my first bike! I bought a 2007 Vulcan 900 Custom (10K miles), bike has its usual wear and tear and a bit rust in some parts! I also want to start this post stating I dont know much about bikes :( but this forum has helped much. An issue I have faced since...

    Vulcan 900
    I have an 06 900d with cobra long tubes with the baffles taken out. Bought it like that. It had a cobra 2000 programmer under the seat but it wasnt hooked up...and it kinda looked like someone was trying to hood it up to these stupid ped lights under the tank...no idea y. Anyway im getting...
  7. Wanted: 2.5" HardKrome Classic II / RoadBurner Street Pros for a 2016 VN900

    Bike Parts, exhausts, etc. For Sale
    Looking to put some aftermarket chrome straight pipes on my 2016 Vulcan 900 Classic.
  8. Passing lamps not working, but I changed nothing (Pictures included)

    Vulcan 900
    Hello all and I hope you're doing well during this crazy pandemic situation. I've seen a lot of great engagement on these forums and am hoping someone might be able to assist with this, probably easy, passing lamp not working issue. I am not experienced with electronics or motorcycle...
  9. New handles and a little luck

    Vulcan 900
    I ordered new handlebars from TC Bro’s. I fully expected and prepared myself to extend my wires. I already had the extended cables; as I had 12” apes on and I upgraded to 16”. But as I put the handle bars on and put the controls back on, the wires are just the right length with plenty of...
  10. 2012 Vulcan 900 Custom Bogging Down

    Vulcan 900
    The bike has about 3500 miles on it I bought it with about 1200 miles and the issue started around 2000 miles. In any gear if I get over half throttle it bogs down hard to where it's not strong acceleration and its gradually gotten worse to the point where I can't even get the bike over 30mph...
  11. Cobra PowrFlo, Smoke and Stalling

    Vulcan 900
    Hey All So recently I got around to completing stage 1 mods, adding a Cobra PowrFlo & Dobeck EJK in addition to my V&H Slash Staggered's (with quiet baffles). Have had them altogether for at least a few hundred miles at this point, and am enjoying the full package. More recently, last couple...
  12. Kawasaki Vulcan Custom VN 900

    Kawasaki Vulcan Custom VN 900

  13. Moto Video Journal

    General Vulcan Talk
    I've started a video journal of my experience as a comeback rider and my Vulcan 900 Classic. I thought this might be interesting to others here. I've gotten a lot of pleasure out of doing very casual video documentation of my experiences while they're fresh. I'm hoping this might inspire others...
  14. Looking to change pegs to floorboards on 2009 900 custom

    Vulcan 900
    Hi all I'm new here and just bought a 2009 900 custom it's has Vance and Hines exhaust twin slash cut staggereds Future Mods: look to do the Baron front and rear pulley change the 200/70-15 tires in back 90/90-21 front then lower it 2" (tighten up suspension if need) will be riding 2 up...
  15. found my answer, thnx all

    Vulcan 900
    found my answer, thnx all
  16. Handlebar upgrade

    Handlebar upgrade

  17. Hello from jacksonville!

    New Member Introductions
    Long time rider, First time on a cruiser I have a 2010 Vulcan 900 14k miles on the odometer. I'm in Jacksonville, Florida and ride everyday i can.
  18. Question about engine oil Vulcan 900/2009

    Vulcan 900
    Hello, I own a Vulcan 900 / 2009 (32,000 km). Until December the bike was in South Africa and the previous owner was using Castrol Actevo semi synthetic 10W40. I'm in Tanzania, I can't find this type of oil here. My question is, I want to change the type of oil and I don't know if is better to...