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    Hello i recently got the vulcan and it leaked fuel from carb and didnt start when i first got it. Things ive done since: removed and cleaned carb changed spark plugs - replaced battery - ran seafoam through it - replaced petcock Ran it with gas cap open Checked for vacuum leaks (no leaks)...
  2. Vulcan 800
    Hey, I was seeking some advice about a recent purchase I plan on making. It’s a Vulcan 800, it’s a used bike with low mileage, but the seller informed me that it would a jump start. I’m a tall beginner rider(6’4) seeking advice on what battery to get in terms of pricing and performance. Thank you
  3. Vulcan 800
    I really need help, bought this 2003 Vulcan 800 used with drilled out baffles. Got a big tick coming from what sounds like the front cylinder head. Any ideas on where to start looking?? Got invited on a ride next week but don’t want to screw up my bike
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    Bikes been running fine no problems then I get on it yesterday starts up fine let it run for a min put the kick stand up start to back it out it die just flat out quit running I look down I have no lights working neutral light head light horn nothing mess with it a bit no power to anything I get...
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    After frying the harness I never got around to attempting the bobber solution to eliminate the complex electrical issues.so now my VN800A is ready to go for cheap. $200 or best offer. [email protected] Annapolis, MD USA. I was previously registered here as Naptown Pete, but changed my email...
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    I have 2000 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 that I'm thinking of fixing. the bike overheated last summer but it just dumped all the coolant, but no other issues besides that with the engine. Since then I've been unable to fix and it's sat in much the same condition since I towed it over to my place. I wanna...
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    Hello I just picked up a 2001 Vulcan 800 that needs an engine rebuild. just wondering how much it would cost to do pistons, rods, timing chains and gears and guides, and rear cylinder head. Is there a best place to get parts? How much would a new motor be? Is there anyone who has some of these...