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  1. Vulcan 1500
    Hello everyone, I’m new to the motorcycle world and just bought a 2000 vulcan 1500. I took it out for a couple rides but today after a 2h on the road when i parked it, i noticed an oil leak from the overflow at the very end of the engine right before the rear wheel. Dos anyone know what would...
  2. Vulcan 1500
    So..I'm trying to do cam chain extensions.. but the damn crossover tube is in the way bad..WHY IN THE WORLD..DID THESE PEOPLE NOT MAKE THIS TUBE A 2 PIECE ITEM!?!?!?!.. Is there a trick to this? This is such a stupid stupid stupid design flaw.. has anyone manufactured anything to replace the...
  3. General Vulcan Talk
    What’s going on everyone. Really needing some help. I just got a 2006 Vulcan 1500 this past week. Got it for next to nothing because I had been laid down and there was no title. long story short I got the bike and actually rode it home. Ran and rode great. Got home and now I cant get it to...
  4. Engine Work
    I had to take apart my 92 vulcan 1500 to change the piston rings and in the process the rear cylinder head cracked. There is a 96 vulcan 1500 parts bike near me for pretty cheap. I was just wondering if that head would fit on my 92. Thanks!
  5. Vulcan 1500
    I recently bought a 2001 Vulcan 1500 and have a couple issues. Today as I was riding, my bike was starting to act a bit weird like it didn’t have the power it used to have and it sounded completely different than usual, sorta like a rattling noise and shortly after I noticed this I decided to...
  6. Vulcan 1500
    Anyone know other year models kill switch thatll work with my 98?
  7. Engine Work
    Need some advice and some general information in regards to rebuilding, replacing or saying farewell to my bike - 2004 Vulcan 1500 Nomad Here's the back story. I bought the bike about 10 years ago with approx 24,000 miles on it. The gentleman I bought if from had put about 10,000 miles on it...
  8. Engine Work
    I just picked up a 1992 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500. I replaced the spark plugs and looked at then after about 40 miles of riding and they are covered in oil. The bike also smokes a bit when I am aggressive on the throttle. I’m looking for a rebuild kit for the bike, but with it being 28 years old it’s...
  9. Vulcan 1500
    I am looking for a set of carbs for my 1996 VN 1500 C-3. OE carbs are $525 apiece if you can find them, and I'm tired of rebuilding the ones I have. Can anyone suggest a direct replacement for these carbs?
  10. Vulcan 1500
    Hey all! Ordering Cobra drag pipes for my 07' 1500 classic. A few things, as this is my first time with a fuel injected ride: *On the install, I'm assuming that I'm also removing the cat converter (dutch bypass?) and that pulling everything off is a bigger pain than the install. Any tips I...
  11. Vulcan 1500
    Any one here debaffle an early model vn 1500a? Im curious if it is close to the same procedure as doing a 1500 classic.
  12. New Member Introductions
    I just bought my first bike which is a 94 1500. Bike runs great. I am looking to do some upgrades on it though and want to know if anyone had any ideas. (LED Lights, Performance, ect.)
  13. General Vulcan Talk
    Saw different options to relocate key and high idle cable. Also options for covering the opening after removing the air filter and cross over tube of my nomad 1500FI. Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Made it the same size as the Barron's BAK. Utilize the original mount pluses...