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  1. Vulcan 800
    Hello all! So I've been looking around for some saddle bags for my 1996 vulcan 800A. I see tons of options out there and obviously some are more expensive than others, also in my search I've run into a lot of bags that'll fit the classic 800 but nothing for the non-classic 800 (as far as I can...
  2. Vulcan 800
    I have an 04 classic with a crappy intake the previous owner tried to install. Been looking for a new one so I can get the bike running right. I found a hypercharger, one made by Kuryakyn and the other by Thunder. Anyone have any experience installing either one of these hyperchargers? Which...
  3. Vulcan 800
    I have a 2001 bone stock 800 drifter that I cant get to star. No Spark on either coil. All light work on the bike with the switch on and it'll crank for days. Tested coils and they test good. Everything is stock. So far I have replaced the Ignition switch, ordered by the part number so I know...
  4. Vulcan 800
    Hi guys! my Vulcan Vn800 from 1997 hits the bottom of the road way too much with the dog bone rear shock bracket, which is also few centimeters lower than the rest of the bottom of the bike. what could be the problem here? Also after changing/renewing my rear tire, the tire hits the bottom of...
  5. Vulcan 800
    so here goes... recently i purchased an old 2000 vn800 from behind someones shop. it had been sitting in the rain and cold for going on 2 years. after a quick carb rebuild, albeit not so quick and not so successful, i found myself in the precarious predicament most noob carb re-builders find...
  6. Bikes For Sale
    Located Annapolis, MD. Project bike. Plastic parts started breaking and eventually the harness shorted out. $1500 or best offer. Has a new windscreen and spare original exhaust. New clutch.
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I'm Nick. I recently bought a VN 800 custom bobber from 1996. Already read a lot of good things on this forum, so decided to join. Hope that I can learn or contribute.