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    I got my 2013 1700 Nomad, now I need to accessorize my new dolly. On my wish list is saddlebag organizers, a backup fuel container, and a cool looking yet practical windshield bag. I'm not asking for too much am I? I knew I wouldn't find as much as what is available for a HD, but where can I go...
  2. Vulcan 1700
    Hi folks, I'm a VN1700 Nomad owner and now diagnosed the rear hub. Could you check the photos and share your experience — is it bad or very bad? TIA! UPD: there is 35000 miles on odometer
  3. Vulcan 1700
    I bought this for $95 off eBay a few weeks back because I didn't want to spend $700 on some slip ons, definitely happy with the results below is a soundclip for those who are interested
  4. Vulcan 1700
    I couldn't pass it up at $95 shipped it actually sounds really good, the tone is low and grumbly but still pretty loud. I'd say it's a win the bags are still off because I had some trouble getting a bolt in so that's tomorrow. I'll get a video as soon as I can.