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  1. General Vulcan Talk
    Hey all, so I just purchased my first bike. A used 2007 vn1600 classic from a dealership and had it shipped to my house. It has close to 16000 miles on it. Starts up good, took it for our first ride and things were going great for about 10 minutes. I am a brand new rider so I did stall it a...
  2. Vulcan 1600
    Anybody have/know where to find PCV tunes outside of the DynoJet website? I have an 05 1600 Mean Streak with a K&N high flow filter and (tbh I’m not exactly sure what kind of exhaust bc I bought it second hand) Vance & Hines straight shots full system exhaust. I picked the closest option that...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey, hi, how's it going? I'm Max and I've got a weird indicator problem: front indicators work as intended. The rear indicators flash at the same time-- much like the 4-way hazards in a car. Any idea what might be causing it? Thanks and nice to meet you! M.
  4. General Vulcan Talk
    Evening all, this is a question for the UK members. Have any of you used Vance & Hines short shot exhausts on your VN. I’m riding a 2006 VN 1600 classic at the moment, it’s a great bike, but I just don’t like the standard exhaust. So if you are using short shots. How is your bike running. The...
  5. General Vulcan Talk
    I decided to tackle debadging the ol girl today, ans to my surprise it went very well! The badges came off with some fishing line real quick and half a bottle off automotive goo gone later and some scrubbing i was done!
  6. Vulcan 1600
    I love my ‘06 1600 classic with only 9300 miles on it ? but I desperately need forward controls as i am almost 6’3” with my riding boots on. I can only find 1 set and they are outrageously expensive!!? Any help would be nice!
  7. General Vulcan Talk
    I got back on 2 wheels after 30 years when I got a 900 Classic last month.. Been riding about every day. Last week I took it zig zagging all over Florida and am thinking of getting something bigger like the Nomad 1600 that’ll be more at ease (and quieter) on these long lauls, which I plan to do...
  8. Vulcan 1600
    My bike has161000kms, i believe its time to give her a bday, needs a new clutch and was thinking a new set of pipes. Anyone in brisbane Australia know where I could get some quality custom pipes? thanks in advance