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turn signal

  1. Vulcan 650 S
    Hey, guys,have you ever tried the BMW's signal on Vulcan S? Seems the same conection. I'm not satisfact with the originals light, looks like a xt660 poors turn signal... Please, post your mods and how do you do it.
  2. Vulcan 900
    I recently installed the Custom Dynamics triple play on my VN900 and it works great but I noticed that I get bleed over from one side to the other when I use the directionals. I contacted Custom Dynamics and they said most metrics use a single directional indicator which can cause this because...
  3. General Vulcan Talk
    Hey all! Just picked up a 2009 Voyager, love it. I did notice when I got it home that the left turn signal is not working and no indicator light on the dash. The weird part is that the hazards work fine and the right turn signals work as they should. Any idea?? Thanks