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  1. Circa 1997 Vulcan 1500 Classic Notorious Second Gear Problem

    General Vulcan Talk
    Hello all, I did a search and could not find a recent thread regarding what is apparently an infamous issue with a particular generation of Vulcan 1500 bikes. Namely; that shifting into second gears get progressively more difficult, or the bike will continually slip out of 2nd, finally the...
  2. 2001 Vulcan 1500 issues need help

    Vulcan 1500
    I recently bought a 2001 Vulcan 1500 and have a couple issues. Today as I was riding, my bike was starting to act a bit weird like it didn’t have the power it used to have and it sounded completely different than usual, sorta like a rattling noise and shortly after I noticed this I decided to...
  3. 2005 vulcan 800 tranny?

    Engine Work
    this is first post so learning how this site works, but i have a 2005 kawasaki vulcan 800cc that i got in february. Been riding it since and put 3,000 miles or so on it in those 2ish months. So rode it a lot. Ive been getting this issue where when i shift up to 2nd while im revving it will drop...