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  1. Best Shinko 777 tire sizes for Voyager?

    Vulcan 1700
    I've seen lots of debate about the "best" tires for Voyagers on this forum, but I like the Shinko 777s I had on my previous bike, and I plan to stick with the brand. My Voyager's User Manual says it should take 130/90 bias on the front and 170/70 bias on the back. In Shinko 777s, the 170/70 is a...
  2. Help with choosing the right tires

    Vulcan 900
    I have a 2012 Vulcan 900 Classic LT that's due for tire replacements. I'm looking into buying the tires myself and bringing the bike into a shop for the change. I have two questions regarding the tires I'm buying. I usually buy my motorcycle stuff from Revzilla, according to the manual Dunlop...
  3. found my answer, thnx all

    Vulcan 900
    found my answer, thnx all