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  1. Vulcan 1500
    Anyone know other year models kill switch thatll work with my 98?
  2. Vulcan 650 S
    Just bought this 2018 Vulcan 650s with 2800 miles on it. After a few days it would have trouble starting, and the check engine light is on as well as the oil indicator. Sometimes a few presses gets it to start. I changed the oil, filter, and ensured adequate oil levels. Still getting the same...
  3. Vulcan 500
    My 2000 Vulcan 500 will click when I try to start it. I can usually tap it with a hammer and get it to start. It works JUST fine when I’m just testing it but never starts when I need to go somewhere. I just get a click. (And when I get back home, it’ll start on the first try😑) I’d like to fix...
  4. Vulcan 900
    Hi folks! Long story short: one night I've found myself sitting on the bike and the bike itself standing on some steps, somewhere in the town nearby. So the bike was actually stuck on it, to go on moving home I had to push it a bit forward, and thus scratched the bottom of the engine. Well, the...