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spark plugs
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  1. Vulcan 2000
    Greetings from Australia. I have had a 2006 V2K classic LT for 3 months. It has just done 3500km around Tasmania with stock exhausts that now have a flat spot on the lower exhaust from all those lovely corners. The bike I felt, needed to sound more like it fealt it wanted to be, big and throaty...
  2. Wrench Heads
    Alright guys, I've hit the wall in the road and I've got to choose left or right; unless someone's got a metaphorical wrecking-ball to clear my way. I've got a 2000 vn800a she's a fun little thing. But doesn't like to cruise 80+ begins to bog, I have to let off and reduce speed and engine...
  3. Engine Work
    I just picked up a 1992 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500. I replaced the spark plugs and looked at then after about 40 miles of riding and they are covered in oil. The bike also smokes a bit when I am aggressive on the throttle. I’m looking for a rebuild kit for the bike, but with it being 28 years old it’s...
1-3 of 3 Results