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  1. Vulcan S — Corbin Seat

    Bike Parts, exhausts, etc. For Sale
    $450, and I’ll cover shipping. I accept PayPal or Venmo. Brown leather with orange stitching. Back story: I found this on marketplace. The photos were dim, so it actually looked black and red (perfect for my paint scheme). It arrived and I just can’t handle the look on my bike. Too bad because...
  2. Why should I buy a Vulcan instead of a Road King?

    General Vulcan Talk
    I am buying a bike to travel. I like the styling of the Vulcan and the Road King. There is an obvious difference in price, and I have read that the Kawasaki is more dependable. That aside, why should I choose a Vulcan over a Road King? There is a lot to like about a Road King. I want to be...
  3. Seat gap-Gel Seat Vaquero

    Vulcan 1700
    Just got a 2014 Vaquero. Figured out my seat is the Kaw gel seat. Anyone know why I have these gaps? Do I need to make some other changes so it will fit? THANKS!!
  4. Vaquero Bars and Seat for Short person

    Vulcan 1700
    FINALLY got my Vaquero! Currently it has the gel seat (k53001-29a) and mini apes. I dont know where the bars are from. I'm 5'4" and need no apes and maximum pullback as well as a seat that will push me forward. I would love suggestions, am open to trades and purchases from folks on this forum...
  5. How do you remove a Mustang Wide Touring seat from a VN900C (Custom) with backrest?

    Vulcan 900
    I recently ordered a Mustang Wide Touring seat for my 900 Custom (with the short sissy bar) and had some trouble installing it - the nose would hook under the tank and the pillion seat would wedge nicely in the arms of the OEM(?) short backrest, but it wouldn't get a positive latch on the posts...