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  1. Gas-oil mix leak?

    Vulcan 650 S
    Hey folks, I just recently picked up a 2019 Vulcan S and have been riding it pretty regularly for the past few weeks. It's a rather new bike; since I purchased it, it only had 1800 miles on it, and I've already pushed it up to 2600. However, even with as new as it is, it has already developed a...
  2. Oil light/check engine/starter issue

    Vulcan 650 S
    Just bought this 2018 Vulcan 650s with 2800 miles on it. After a few days it would have trouble starting, and the check engine light is on as well as the oil indicator. Sometimes a few presses gets it to start. I changed the oil, filter, and ensured adequate oil levels. Still getting the same...
  3. Question about engine oil Vulcan 900/2009

    Vulcan 900
    Hello, I own a Vulcan 900 / 2009 (32,000 km). Until December the bike was in South Africa and the previous owner was using Castrol Actevo semi synthetic 10W40. I'm in Tanzania, I can't find this type of oil here. My question is, I want to change the type of oil and I don't know if is better to...