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  1. New Member Introductions
    I actually cheated and posted someplace else on the forum first, because a month ago I wasn't actually a Vulcan or a Kawasaki owner. After reading many positive and informative responses to my question(s) about the Vulcan, I had the confidence to drop the money on a 2013 Vulcan 1700 Nomad...
  2. Vulcan 1600
    Are the speedometer assemblies between the year models, that are the same in appearance, interchangeable? I found out (after the sale) that the right button on my assembly doesn't function at all. I found a few online and locally ranging from 2004-08 nomads or classics, with the exception of a...
  3. Vulcan 1600
    I just bought this bike two days ago and I'm looking for a few more add-on parts, but I am having a little trouble finding them. Mainly I'm looking for chrome fender edge trim and driving lights. I want the driving lights to match the o.e.m. chrome headlight style (no visor on housing) or an...
  4. New Member Introductions
    I just bought my first motorcycle, technically (owned a donated Virago 250 from my brother about 10 years ago), two days ago from a Facebook Marketplace seller about 100 miles away. I bought a Carry-On 5x8 utility trailer from Tractor Supply a few weeks back to use around the house, but mainly...
  5. Bike Parts, exhausts, etc. For Sale
    Im looking for 99 nomad 1500g exhaust (not headers i have those). Or aftermarket compatible exhaust.
  6. Vulcan 1700
    Hi folks, I'm a VN1700 Nomad owner and now diagnosed the rear hub. Could you check the photos and share your experience — is it bad or very bad? TIA! UPD: there is 35000 miles on odometer
  7. Bike Parts, exhausts, etc. For Sale
    I bought this Nomad with V&H pipes installed and they threw in the (lightly used) stock exhaust. I'm pretty sure all the components are there. Just needs a little shine and polish and will look good as new. Pictures will be posted soon, make an offer and if you're local to Boston-ish I can...
  8. Vulcan 1600
    Given stock exhausts, which of these would be louder at highway speed - 900 or 1600? I’m thinking smaller engine revving higher or bigger engine at lower rpm.
  9. General Vulcan Talk
    I got back on 2 wheels after 30 years when I got a 900 Classic last month.. Been riding about every day. Last week I took it zig zagging all over Florida and am thinking of getting something bigger like the Nomad 1600 that’ll be more at ease (and quieter) on these long lauls, which I plan to do...