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  1. Maybe exhaust, maybe valves? Strong tick

    Vulcan 800
    I really need help, bought this 2003 Vulcan 800 used with drilled out baffles. Got a big tick coming from what sounds like the front cylinder head. Any ideas on where to start looking?? Got invited on a ride next week but don’t want to screw up my bike
  2. Sound from left side, Maybe chain?

    Vulcan 650 S
    Today, I was riding it and noticed a weird chatter that would become evident at about 2nd gear and up only with the clutch out. If I freewheeled at any speed, the chatter would go away I think everything started after lub. Chain Maybe someone is able to help me? Thanks
  3. 1600 noise vs 900

    Vulcan 1600
    Given stock exhausts, which of these would be louder at highway speed - 900 or 1600? I’m thinking smaller engine revving higher or bigger engine at lower rpm.