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no power

  1. Vulcan 1500
    Fixed, clutch switch at lever was the issue, was making bad contact Can be archived
  2. Vulcan 800
    Bikes been running fine no problems then I get on it yesterday starts up fine let it run for a min put the kick stand up start to back it out it die just flat out quit running I look down I have no lights working neutral light head light horn nothing mess with it a bit no power to anything I get...
  3. Vulcan 1700
    #2 cylinder must be socially distancing or something. So this is what I have done so far. Ran seafoam in the tank. Used carb cleaner in the intake. I replaced the injectors, found about 9.5 volts at both injectors, with the starter engaged. Swapped ignition coils...no difference , put in a new...