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  1. Light bar wiring for Mean Streak 1500

    Vulcan 1500
    I bought a new 'old stock' K32001-007 factory light bar for my '03 Mean Streak. It came with no wiring diagram or instructions, but I'm thinking it should be plug and play since it's a factory Kawasaki part. I cannot find any wiring diagrams (that I can decipher anyway). I may just install a...
  2. Power Commander V Tunes

    Vulcan 1600
    Anybody have/know where to find PCV tunes outside of the DynoJet website? I have an 05 1600 Mean Streak with a K&N high flow filter and (tbh I’m not exactly sure what kind of exhaust bc I bought it second hand) Vance & Hines straight shots full system exhaust. I picked the closest option that...
  3. '03 mean streak starting issue

    Vulcan 1500
    2003 Vulcan Mean streak 75K+ miles I've had the bike a few weeks now. Started and ran fine after I bought it for a few days. About 4 days later it would not start. I left it on the trickle charger overnight and it started right up. Took it back to the shop where I bought it and of course it...