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  1. Vulcan S Owners - Questions in this Post, Any Help is Apprciated

    Vulcan 650 S
    Hey all, I purchased a 2015 Vulcan S with essentially 7k miles on it earlier this year after selling what was my dream bike since childhood, Honda F4i(damn thing hurt too much to ride and I'm only 23 WTF). Good ole Kawasaki Candy Lime Green, nicknamed Mike....Mike Wazowski lol. Wanted to see if...
  2. Motorcycle newbie. Have questions.

    Vulcan 800
    I have an 04 classic with a crappy intake the previous owner tried to install. Been looking for a new one so I can get the bike running right. I found a hypercharger, one made by Kuryakyn and the other by Thunder. Anyone have any experience installing either one of these hyperchargers? Which...
  3. Gas-oil mix leak?

    Vulcan 650 S
    Hey folks, I just recently picked up a 2019 Vulcan S and have been riding it pretty regularly for the past few weeks. It's a rather new bike; since I purchased it, it only had 1800 miles on it, and I've already pushed it up to 2600. However, even with as new as it is, it has already developed a...
  4. Excessive part replacement in owner's manual?

    Vulcan 650 S
    I bought a 2015 Vulcan S ABS earlier this month with only 3500 miles in great shape. It's my first bike and I'm very pleased so far. After putting a few hundred miles of my own on it I want to do an oil change and chain lube just so I can have the peace of mind of knowing it's been done using...