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  1. LED light

    Vulcan 1700
    Hi everyone. Thank you in advance for your help. I recently bought 2015 vaquero. It has one 7" light. I want to replace it with LED, not just a bulb but the whole light. On all the website it says that it will fit my kawasaki, but after reading all the reviews and notes I see that I need to...
  2. Gauge and Tank Cluster Light Swap

    Vulcan 1600
    just thought i’d put it out there in case anyone was interested. i got this pack of 10 LED lights on amazon for $6-7. they fit the gauge clusters and the 4 tank lights (signals, neutral, hi beam) on my 05 mean streak. definitely a lot brighter than the stock lights. looking forward to see it at...
  3. 94 Vn 88 1500 LED Headlight assembly?

    Vulcan 1500
    I am researching for an easy swap for my headlight on my bike. Naturally i want one of those awesome hole LED headlight assmeblies but I am having a hard time trying to figure out where to start. Has anyone else done something similar to an earlier Vulcan 1500 that may give me some pointers(or...