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  1. Oil leak

    New Member Introductions
    My carburetor float was open flouting whit gas the aire filter and intake so I fix the carburetor and clean the gas of aire filter I clean the gas from the piston , wen I turn on the engine looks like was stack after few try’s start Up but now is leaking oil from carburator Cuestión: the rings...
  2. I’m in search for a replacement battery for a Vulcan 800cc from 1998

    Vulcan 800
    Hey, I was seeking some advice about a recent purchase I plan on making. It’s a Vulcan 800, it’s a used bike with low mileage, but the seller informed me that it would a jump start. I’m a tall beginner rider(6’4) seeking advice on what battery to get in terms of pricing and performance. Thank you
  3. Air cleaner kits

    Vulcan 800
    Im looking to replace the stock air filter kit on my 03 Vulcan 800, could someone please tell me if there any kits out there to do it or do I need to engineer something to fit
  4. 2005 vulcan 800 tranny?

    Engine Work
    this is first post so learning how this site works, but i have a 2005 kawasaki vulcan 800cc that i got in february. Been riding it since and put 3,000 miles or so on it in those 2ish months. So rode it a lot. Ive been getting this issue where when i shift up to 2nd while im revving it will drop...
  5. Help

    Vulcan 800
    I have a 2005 VN-800 classic. Doing a bobber build. I’ve been searching for a aftermarket headlight for weeks now. None of them bolt up like my old one. Obviously. Does anyone know of a headlight that is cheap & “bobberish” that will bolt up to the old housing?