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handle bars

  1. Vulcan 900
    I have a 2015 Vulcan 900 custom that I want to swap out the bars for apes. I can find anything bike specific !! So can y’all help me find the Right bar+ risers to use ?
  2. Vulcan 800
    I’m trying to find some mini apes to put 97 VM800 I would like to run the wires inside the bars but having problems finding a set of bars that will fit. I would like about a 10in rise. Any help or links would be appreciated thank you
  3. Vulcan 650 S
    Kawi Vulcan 650 S - I'm switching to bar end mirrors. I pulled the screw that holds the bar end weights. But there's a cap, with a threaded center ('natch) that keeps me from the hollow bar. Can I remove that? If so how?
  4. Vulcan 650 S
    Hey guys, I found these bars on ebay, i was wondering if any one could help me. Would these fit my vulcan s650? Ebay bars. ( id love the 18" rise)