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  1. No power

    Vulcan 1500
    Fixed, clutch switch at lever was the issue, was making bad contact Can be archived
  2. Electrical problems on 2007 900 classic

    Vulcan 900
    my bike doesn't seem to hold a charge ive replaced the battery twice in the last 3 months. stays running and volts go up when idled up so I don't believe the stator is going bad. any ideas? thanks in advance
  3. 05 vulcan Noticed the temp gauge wasnt working

    Vulcan 750
    Does anyone have any idea how the temp guage works and how to test it. I let the bike run for 30 minutes and gauge didnt move at all. Stayed on cold. Im new to bikes and dont know where to start on this issue.
  4. Turn signal control module HELP

    Vulcan 1500
    i have 5 wires connecting to my turn signal control module on my 99 Nomad 1500 Orange orange/green black/yellow red/yellow light blue I need to know what they are that way i can install a new LED turn signal control module (diagram below). what wires connect to where on the new module?? From...
  5. Dead like dodo.

    Vulcan 1500
    Bike is totally dead, no so much as a solonoid click, no dim light etc. Battery (1 year old AGM) only batting 5.4v On the charger, I get a fi light on the dash, but no other indications of life. No lights, nothing. Checked fuzes, all good. Don't have much $, it's my only vehicle... I'm...