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  1. Vulcan 900
    So I got home today and noticed a little wet spot under my bike. Smells like gas and is right under what looks like to be a breather hose for the gas tank. is this normal? While I was under there I noticed something else peculiar, there's a hole right next to the oil drain plug and some oil was...
  2. Vulcan 650 S
    So I have bought a second hand Vulcan S 650 2018 (About 8000km) I've noticed 2 main sounds I need help diagnosing: 1. A sandy or grinding sound only when the throttle is on. When the throttle is off the sound disappears immediately. This sound is most audible at around 4k rpm and 4th gear...
  3. Vulcan 500
    Hi everyone, so about two weeks ago, I started having issues with my 2007 Vulcan 500. When I give it throttle, it revs up but has a delay in acceleration, and when it DOES accelerate, it's as if it has half the power it should. At higher speeds it handles a little better but it's still sluggish...
1-3 of 3 Results