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  1. Intermittent 3rd Gear problem

    Vulcan 650 S
    Hi guys, My bike is having problems going into 3rd gear sometimes. Most of the time if I rev 2nd gear over 4500 rpm and try to go in 3rd, the neutral light comes on and then goes back to 2nd gear... today, problem was happening even when I change gears at "normal and suggested" rev/speed...
  2. Clutch torque specs

    Vulcan 1500
    Tomorrow morning I will be tearing my bike apart to get the old friction plates out and replace the diaphragm spring. I have all the parts and new side cover gasket. Just wondering what the torque specs and possible bolt pattern may be for the side cover on my Vulcan classic 1500 1999 also the...
  3. Acceleration Delay

    Vulcan 500
    Hi everyone, so about two weeks ago, I started having issues with my 2007 Vulcan 500. When I give it throttle, it revs up but has a delay in acceleration, and when it DOES accelerate, it's as if it has half the power it should. At higher speeds it handles a little better but it's still sluggish...
  4. Stiff Clutch Lever

    Vulcan 1500
    My clutch lever on my 97 VN1500 is extremely stiff and hard to pull. The fluid has been flushed with no change. Also, with the clutch lever pulled in the bike lunges and pulls as soon as you put it in gear. Any help would be great.
  5. How to tell if odometer is rolled over

    Vulcan 800
    I recently bought a vn800 that supposedly has 32,000 miles on it but the clutch is slipping. I had to adjust the handle side of the clutch cable all the way down to leave a small amount of slack in the cable. I'm wondering if it's actually got 132,000 miles on it. Is there a reliable way to...