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  1. Please help me

    Vulcan 500
    OK I'm new to motorcycles, always wanted one but finally able to buy one. I have 2003 vulcan 500ltd, the bike had sat for about 2 years with gas in it. Well it started but couldn't keep it running. Unfortunately not knowing how important recording the inside carburetor screw turns, I took it...
  2. Start then stalls+

    Vulcan 1500
    Hey guys: just picked up a 1500 Classic that sat for 8 years. 1997 with 11 k. Cleaned carb changed plugs all fluids replaced fuel line replaced fuel filter replaced air cleaner replaced new battery. Bike will only start with choke all the way out and will run for a few minutes then stalls...
  3. WTB Vulcan EN500 Carbs

    Wanted to buy or trade Items
    Got a screaming deal on a 199-something Vulcan but its missing the carbs. I need both carbs, the bracket and all.
  4. aftermarket carburetor for 2000 vn800a

    Vulcan 800
    so here goes... recently i purchased an old 2000 vn800 from behind someones shop. it had been sitting in the rain and cold for going on 2 years. after a quick carb rebuild, albeit not so quick and not so successful, i found myself in the precarious predicament most noob carb re-builders find...
  5. 1995 1500 coughing at low speeds

    Vulcan 1500
    Hi, I recently bought a 1995 Vulcan 1500. The bike was not running when I purchased it, but I have put some work into it and got it going apart from one issue, which is that the engine coughs and almost dies during acceleration at low speeds. If I open up the throttle I can power through the...
  6. Carburetor work/ mystery

    General Vulcan Talk
    Hello all, I recently got into motorcycles and I was working on a 2002 Kawasaki Vulcan 500. It has a brand new battery, new gas, new oil, but when I start the bike. It only idles on full choke and shoots white gas from the tailpipe. Whenever I try to take it to half choke, it dies. I have...
  7. Drain bowl

    Vulcan 1500
    I'm looking for someone who has a parts bike laying around or knows of some one I need a drain bowl cover for the left carburetor. They have superseded the part and don't know when they will be back to production. I have rebuilt this bike all winter long and it's the last part I need. Part...