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  1. Vulcan 500
    Good afternoon everyone. I’ve been scouring the forums the past few days trying to figure out a solution to my problem. Here’s what I have going on: the bike runs pretty smoothly with an occasional stutter while cruising and a lot of exhaust pop on deceleration. The popping goes away when I pull...
  2. Vulcan 500
    Hi I have a 1992 Kawasaki Vulcan EN 500 A and am trying to adjust the fuel to air ratio but can’t find anywhere how many times I am supposed to turn the pilot screw out it assumed it was two but it was running super rich so I turned it into 1 1/2 and now it running hot but still a little to...
  3. Wanted to buy or trade Items
    Got a screaming deal on a 199-something Vulcan but its missing the carbs. I need both carbs, the bracket and all.
  4. Vulcan 1500
    Hi, I recently bought a 1995 Vulcan 1500. The bike was not running when I purchased it, but I have put some work into it and got it going apart from one issue, which is that the engine coughs and almost dies during acceleration at low speeds. If I open up the throttle I can power through the...