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  1. Looking to get me a V2K

    Vulcan 2000
    Hi there gentlemen! I’m Vitaly, a Russian living in the south of France) With greatest pleasure I’ve owned a VN1500 Classic Tourer a few years ago, but the thoughts of VN2000 are not letting me go, so looks like, I’ve decided - this is the year. In shorter words - i’m looking to buy one... As...
  2. Vaquero Bars and Seat for Short person

    Vulcan 1700
    FINALLY got my Vaquero! Currently it has the gel seat (k53001-29a) and mini apes. I dont know where the bars are from. I'm 5'4" and need no apes and maximum pullback as well as a seat that will push me forward. I would love suggestions, am open to trades and purchases from folks on this forum...