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  1. Vulcan 800
    Hello I have 97 VN 800 I’m trying to figure out what if any tank options I have to switch out and how much work and cost it would be I can do some small fabrication but nothing major. Wanting a different tank style for the bobber build I’m about to start. Thanks guys
  2. The Bobber, Ratbike, Chopper Connection!
    I did some more modifications to the bike, its almost done!
  3. O2 Vulcan 800 custom bobber

    O2 Vulcan 800 custom bobber

  4. Vulcan 1500
    Anyone done a chop/bob? This is my '99 1500, had it almost a year and finally got around to doing some work! Currently working up a removable hardtail 'kit', two struts that will bolt on the same points as the rear suspension. Goal is a slammed hardtail for cruising around town that can be...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I'm Nick. I recently bought a VN 800 custom bobber from 1996. Already read a lot of good things on this forum, so decided to join. Hope that I can learn or contribute.