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  1. New handles and a little luck

    Vulcan 900
    I ordered new handlebars from TC Bro’s. I fully expected and prepared myself to extend my wires. I already had the extended cables; as I had 12” apes on and I upgraded to 16”. But as I put the handle bars on and put the controls back on, the wires are just the right length with plenty of...
  2. 2008 Kawasaki vn900 custom home made

    2008 Kawasaki vn900 custom home made

    Enjoy the picture
  3. How long of this position (see image)

    Vulcan 650 S
    Hello I'm just join in this forums, I have a question, I just order a handlebar (hand made) for my vulcan s 650 and he ask me how long of this position of handlebar I have no idea for answer and I'm not near the bike to measure the lenght. Thanks.