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  1. Vulcan 650 S
    Hey, I am looking at getting the R&G Tail Tidy, It looks like a nice unit to do the job. I was also wanting to change up the turn signal lights. Can anyone tell me if an aftermarket indicator (turn signal) light will fit easily on to this Tail Tidy? Something with a universal mount, like an M8...
  2. Vulcan 800
    I have an 04 classic with a crappy intake the previous owner tried to install. Been looking for a new one so I can get the bike running right. I found a hypercharger, one made by Kuryakyn and the other by Thunder. Anyone have any experience installing either one of these hyperchargers? Which...
  3. Vulcan 1700
    Hi everyone. I know some of you have replaced your drive belts. I ride a 2012 Nomad and I am getting close to time to think about mine. I want to know if anyone has found a good quality aftermarket belt for way cheaper than a Kawi belt. Can you give me some part #'s? Thanks!
  4. Vulcan 650 S
    Has anyone installed an aftermarket headlight that has a wattage greater than the stock? and how do you make sure the wiring/headlight doesn't heat up too much? I just ordered a 75w led