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  1. Cobra Dragster exhaust for 06-19 Vulcan 900

    Bike Parts, exhausts, etc. For Sale
    SOLD SOLD SOLD Brand new Cobra dragster pipes Model 4618T for 06-19 Vulcan 900. I am located in MA so I would prefer to keep it local if possible. I can only imagine shipping will get expensive quickly. Asking $300 but negotiable.
  2. MS Batwing on Classic with Risers

    Vulcan 900
    Does anyone know if handlebar risers affect the fit of an MS trigger lock batwing mount? I’d like to get my bars pulled back more. Also, what is the most pullback acheivable with risers without having to replace catock cables? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  3. 1600 noise vs 900

    Vulcan 1600
    Given stock exhausts, which of these would be louder at highway speed - 900 or 1600? I’m thinking smaller engine revving higher or bigger engine at lower rpm.
  4. 900 to Nomad for Small Guy

    General Vulcan Talk
    I got back on 2 wheels after 30 years when I got a 900 Classic last month.. Been riding about every day. Last week I took it zig zagging all over Florida and am thinking of getting something bigger like the Nomad 1600 that’ll be more at ease (and quieter) on these long lauls, which I plan to do...
  5. 1500 Nomad Exhaust on 900 Custom

    Engine Work
    I have a set of barely-used 2001 1500 Nomad exhaust and would like to cut them up and create custom pipes for my 2017 900 Custom. Does anyone know If the exhaust ports will fit accordingly? Most likely, I'll delete the muffler as well and will need to consider back pressure. Let me know if...