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  1. How to install H4 "Sealight" LED Headlight on Vulcan 900

    Wrench Heads
    A great and inexpensive, pretty much plug-n-play, LED alternative to your stock headlight for Kawasaki Vulcan 900, and probably for other bikes as well. Here are the easy step-by-step instructions how to install it:
  2. Electrical problems on 2007 900 classic

    Vulcan 900
    my bike doesn't seem to hold a charge ive replaced the battery twice in the last 3 months. stays running and volts go up when idled up so I don't believe the stator is going bad. any ideas? thanks in advance
  3. Looking for Road Burner Exhaust 3"

    Vulcan 900
    Looking to see if anybody has or knows where I can find a set of 3" Road Burner Exhust for my 900 Custom. My buddy just put a set on his bike and they are the sound i have been looking for. Been to the website, just looking to see if anybody has seen them anywhere else.
  4. Keep sissy bar

    Vulcan 900
    Hey have a 2013 900 classic lt, took off the bags and the sissy bar and I'm trying to figure out how to keep the sissy bar on for my other half to keep using, anyone come up with a way to use different bolds that arnt for the bag frame as well or a kit somewhere I can get? Thanks
  5. MS Batwing on Classic with Risers

    Vulcan 900
    Does anyone know if handlebar risers affect the fit of an MS trigger lock batwing mount? I’d like to get my bars pulled back more. Also, what is the most pullback acheivable with risers without having to replace catock cables? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  6. 900 Classic with Custom Bars - Fairing/Windshield options

    Vulcan 900
    I just bought a 2008 900 Classic that has had it's bars replaced with those from a Custom. I'm trying desperately to fit it with some wind protection, but options seem limited. Memphis shades Classic mount utilizes the yoke that my Classic, having Custom bars, no longer has. The Custom kit...