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1700 Classic
Metallic Diablo Black
No Factory Packages
A 2009 model purchased new in Jan. 2011. This is the prototype bike for Easy Brackets on the 1700 Classic. As of Aug. 2011, it was the only 1700 in the world so equipped. Was impressed with the system and when I inquired about it, Great Bike Gear told me that they could fabricate brackets for my bike if I would do the measurements and fitting as they had not yet had access to this particular model. As you see, the result was visually more appealing and much stronger than the OEM factory bag supports on the now discontinued Classic LT. Complimented by the quality Leatherworks bags, this setup came in vastly improved at lower cost. Better yet, the bags lock on dead tight, but can be removed in seconds for a wash job, rear tire change, or some clean cruising with no ugly hardware left behind. The Mustang seat was another must have item for me as the factory seat got old after only about 20 minutes. The new seat is one piece, and easier to remove and reinstall, a great investment. In October 2012, added a Cobra Fi2000R fuel processor, and a few days later the the slip-on pipes. Bike pulls stronger which is really noticeable in the higher gears. Also runs smoother, sounds better, and milage; despite the richer mixture, is up at least five percent. Fun factor is up one hundred percent.
2009 Kawasaki 1700 Classic (Metallic Diablo Black)


Kawasaki Freeway Bar
Cobra Backrest
Mustang Seat
Easy Brackets
Leatherworks Bags
Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Processor
Cobra Slip-on Pipes



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