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VN2000 Limited
Well, here's my story:
I have a 1500L and have always liked and wanted a V2k so I decided I wanted a 2005 Limited. I went on the hunt. I spent 2 years looking for one that meet my specs (Like New). I had all but given up and found some other models online so I had pretty much decided I was not going to find what I wanted. I was telling the wife that I was not very happy and we would get a model that was available. She said lets go for a walk and talk about it. So we grabbed the dog and set out on a walk. We got three blocks from my house and OMG in a driveway was the exact bike I wanted. I smiled and walked up to look at it and the guy said he bought it and never road it so he was going to sell it. I asked the price and in 2 hours it was mine. It had 510 miles on it. It was as new. It even smells new. He bought it new and his wife said she wouldn't ride so he parked it. He had the oil changed and serviced once a year. I could not be happier. I have been in this town forever and knew of no V2k's. My 1500L is like a toy now. It does not compare to the V2k. I put Cobra's and a Hypercharger on it. One can say it has a Bark now.
2005 Kawasaki VN2000 Limited (Blk/Red)



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