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VN 1500E Classic
Bought it around the first of August. Before that, I had a 2004 H-D Heritage Soft Tail Classic...traded that in, after several years, for a 2014 H-D Street Glide. (my wife wanted a bike that was more comfortable for her butt). I sold that two years ago to facilitate my son getting a new vehicle. I lost my much beloved little Black Pug in March, to a brain tumor. I had an emotional crisis this summer over the loss of my Pug, named Mishka, and my Bike. I went looking and found that there was no way I could afford even a used H-D. I saw this '98 Vulcan advertised on Facebook Marketplace and it was very affordable. I bought it, had a local shop check it over and change fluids/filters so that I would have a base line. The mechanic stated that it was a very clean bike. The Bike was Black like Mishka so I named the Bike, "Mishka". I got tags to match. One of my Pug's favorite things in the world was to go for a ride. In purchasing this bike, I healed myself. Every time I go for a ride, Mishka is with me. I love this Bike and would put it up against an H-D any day. The Bike fits me like a Tailor measured me and the built a Bike with my measurements. I swear by this Bike.....it's a 1998 with the heart and soul of a 2018!
1998 Kawasaki VN 1500E Classic (Black)


Added Windshield......Original Kawasaki Vulcan "Bling" set......added OEM rear turn signal bar and lights......tombstone style brake/rear light (LED).......small clock and thermometer mounted on the handlebars......new sissy bar and luggage rack.....heavy duty nylon bag (I added the Vulcan Patch).....added original tank badges.
Added Kuryakin ISO Grips with weighted ends. BIG difference over stock! I had these on my H-D 2004 Heritage Softail Classic. Working on mounting Viking hard leather (shock cut-out) bags, but just can't get them to fit right.
Wheel and Tire
Added Brake light pulsator. Added bullet-style brake/running lights to the sides of the rear fender.....just gotta get the wiring sorted out.



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