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Purple (currently)
Bought as an insurance write-off. Been dropped and had thottle bodies ripped out and some casing damage. Thought that was the issue (foolishly!). Upon delivery found she would not turn over - despite trying everything!!!!

So reluctant but necessary engine out and start of the dismantling process to find out the issue.

Top end off - not bent valves or cam problem x
Barrels off - not piston or ring problem x
Problem is with the crankshaft and conrods - currently suspect big end bearing issues...

So I was hoping to be able to get hold of the previous owner but as from April 2018 in the UK, because of GDPR and privacy laws bikes ownership papers no longer have the previous owner and address. Therefore I have to have a guess at what could have happened.... basically crank seized ad threw the rider off... (have a couple of other conspiracy theories but will keep those to myself..)
2003 Kawasaki Meanstreak (Purple (currently))


Not too much as it is not a performance bike and although I am doing a bottom up engine rebuild key aim is to get her back and running without adding any further distress to the situation. Will add a hyper-charger but otherwise standard output fo rnow.
Planned customisation:
Fatter rear tyre
Increase fork rake through new triple clamps
Tidy up the rear guard through either cutting in an integrated taillight off something like a Suzuki Boulevard or very simple number plate moving the taillight to an integrated taillight indicator system
Custom paint job of my own
Polished rims/wheels


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