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Vulcan Classic
Picked this bike up used and made a Bobber out of it. It took about 6 months to complete due to working on it is my spare time. No "Bobber kits" used on this bike. Original seat support was cut out and replaced with a flat piece of angle iron. Battery box had to be modified for that to fit flush with the top of the frame. Seat spring studs were cut so the studs sat straight up and down under the seat. They were wended to the angle iron that had been welded to the frame. Rear passenger pegs were removed and mounts cut off and made slush with the frame. Turn signal circuit and lights were removed (who needs those on a bobber?). Relocated electric start button to the turn signal indicator light on the tank dash. Drilled a new hole in the dash to mount an on/off/on toggle switch that runs me headlight. The ignition kill switch was removed and bypassed so only the key will shut the bike off (currently, may be changed later). Push side throttle cable removed, only using pull cable with new housing.

- 1" Harley Risers
- 16" Harley 1-1/2" bars
- Single throttle cable housing w/ throttle tube
- Stingray Black/White solo seat
- Straight exhaust
- Shinko 777 W/W 130/90B16 tires
- Black aftermarket hand controls
- Chrome aftermarket forward controls
- 2" rear suspension lower arm
- Solo seat mounting kit (3" springs)
- Custom paint job w/ hydro graphic dip
- Water proof button (electric starter button)
- ON/OFF/ON toggle switch (headlight)
2000 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic (Black/White)


16 inch apes
SS Cables
Push throttle cable removed

- Remove turn signals
- Side mounted license plate and tail light
- Removed brake side switch housing - Kill/Starter switches relocated to dash/hidden location
- Remove clutch side switches housing - High/Lower switch relocated to headlight housing, turn and horn removed
- Install single throttle cable housing in place of stock housing
- Bobber seat with 3 inch springs
- New paint
- White wall tires
Lowered 2 inches
Wheel and Tire
White walls



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