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Vulcan 800 Classic
Green & silver
Previous owner was the only owner, and he kept it in great condition but was Elderly and decided to sell it. He had his friend who is a mechanic sell it for him. It was on Craigslist asking price at $1,800, 13,000 miles and no damage other than 21 years of Florida garage air (minor rust). It was like love at first sight. I was born in 1996, and the bike was a 96 so that was automatic nostalgia. I also looked at many other used bikes for sale. Most of which did not look as clean, or have as low mileage. I didn't wan't to risk the abuse of a used sport bike along with the power, nor did i wan't to risk the low speed danger of not being used to a heavy 1,500cc cruiser. The add seemed too good to be true. It was up for nearly 2 months, "1 elderly owner, garage kept, like new, never dropt, new tires, all service done" I was hesitant, but it ended up being the first bike I got to see and test drive, and I bought it for $1,500. Later i realized though the tires had new tread, the front was 15 years old and had dry rot. I replaced that. After a month of riding I got too comfortable, and fell. My bike somehow was scraped on both sides (maybe it bounced on one side to the other?). All I needed was to replace the tail lights and handlebars. It had minor cosmetic damage, barely noticeable. Now I've started the Journey of DIY motorcycle maintenence after a $270 shop bill for handlebar replacement and tail lights.
1996 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic (Green & silver)


Vanes & Hines pipes
Kawasaki sissy bar



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