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1500B SE 88
Burnt Brown
Purchased 2 mo. ago off of craigslist for $450 including Clymer book in eastern OR. Trailered home. Played with it the next day and only rear cyl. firing, Title change, registration and Ins. done. Had spark in front, no fuel. tore carbs down and front carb bowl full of $?%*. Rebuilt carbs incl. enricher diaphragms, new spark plugs, plug wires, fuel filter, air filter foams, sync. carbs. it now runs on both cyls.
Took it for test ride, front brake very, very pulsey, hot enough to flush crankcase change oil/filter, clean screen, flush coolant. Brought into A/C workroom, for front to back piece frame tare down. Ordered new tires (oversize rear) tubes, tube liners, front/rear wheel bearings/seals, two rear spokes, trued wheels, fork head bearings/seals, The Plastic coolant filler neck part was all degraded where cap seal is so ordered a used thermostat assembly from a Kaw 900 on E-BAY that had the same plastic filler neck part but had single outlet cast metal part, it also had a temp. sender on it, good cap and thermostat and I drilled and threaded a hole in my original cast part boss to accept sender. I installed a digital tach. from E-Bay for $17.00 inc/postage with an adjustable ten segment LED fuel level meter and adjusted it for 7 bars at normal running temp. (the first bar is red, (cold/empty), second is amber and the rest are green, I would have liked to turn over the LED array but tach. is sealed so I'll live with it. Tach. works well also. Installed LED tail/brake/turn bulbs, no-load flasher and all new inst. bulbs. Paint, Clean, Micro-sand, Polish, Repete!! New front CBC brake rotor, rebuild brake calipers, brake pads, flush and refill all brake and clutch lines with dot4 syn. Replaced the 8 little rubbers dampers in counter weight. Lubed throttle cables, twist grip, etc., etc. Ordered Judges SOG oil gear, installed Meanstreak clutch spring, spring holders. New oil/filter (again). After 1-1/2 mo. of work I went for the (test ride! I couldn't wait for Judges SOG) All runs good and much quieter (but not enough-more to come), smooth brakes but no pull above 50 mph. I pulled the tank and CV diaphragms from carbs. and found two small holes in the rubber of one, cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and dotted holes on bottom with 3M Super Yellow Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive, I also increased the holes at the bottom of the slides by the main needles to 1/8 inch. The bike now pulls from 40 to 100 mph (fast as I dared, still pulling) harder than a lawyer grabbing your money. I'll update this more soon, I have 9 tagged running bikes of many makes 200-1500cc (except HD)and have done many mods and would be happy to help anyone in need with electrical, mechanical, and anything else I have experienced or can investigate. I'm very good at electronics/wiring/troubleshooting mainly on pre FI but that also with exceptions.
1988 Kawasaki 1500B SE 88 (Burnt Brown)


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