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  1. Illinois riders

    What a great day to go for a ride even if it’s just to run errands 54 degrees and sunny let’s just say errands took a little longer today and had to run by the lake. Last time out? hope not.
  2. How Long Have You Owned A Vulcan?

    General Vulcan Talk
    I have a 2015 vulcan classic 900 bought it new in 2017 now has 3600 miles thought about trading it in for a new voyager but can’t part with it. Before that I had several Honda-Motorcycles from a 1970 350,to a 1983 Goldwing the only one that comes close to my vulcan was the 1983 cx650 I had
  3. 1998 Vulcan 1500

    Vulcan 1500
    I have not had much luck buying used motorcycles. Finding parts or someone to help you it seems to me your just buying someone else’s headache. I finally gave up and got a new one, if you look around you can find a good deal I got mine in 2017 and it’s a 2015 vulcan 900 left over stock for $3000...
  4. Illinois riders

    It’s a 2015 900 classic been to the dragon last year for 4 days had a blast did the Lake Michigan run this year
  5. Vulcan 900 Pics!!!

    Vulcan 900
    My 2015 vulcan classic now has 3500 miles on it got new in 2017 left over stock at local dealer the driver back rest came off a 1982 Goldwing I got for my son and didn’t like it so with a few mods I made it work
  6. Custom belts and barons pulley

    Vulcan 900
    I have a 2015 vulcan classic I put on the front pulley had to file the cover a bit but it did lower my rpm no vibration at 70 mph anymore. Also was told the rear pulley is very noisy and not worth the money. If you only do the front you don’t have to get a new belt
  7. Just rode "Tail of the Dragon"

    Vulcan 900
    I went last year had a great 4 day weekend road there and back from Normal Illinois on 2015 vulcan 900 classic. Planning to ride out to Phoenix next year
  8. Brand new bike, I feel some type of rubbing vibrations on foot petals, is this normal on a brand new bike?

    Vulcan 900
    when I bought my 2015 vulcan 900 classic and first road it around a few miles I had the same questions, high vibrations at 70 mph. I put on a bigger front drive pulley from the advice of someone from the forum and it worked for me. This group of vulcan riders are the best.
  9. 2015 vulcan 900

    Vulcan Forums Bike of the Month
1-9 of 9 Results