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  1. Vulcan 900 Pics!!!

    Vulcan 900
    I've not seen IT green, but sure your bike looks good now. I like that color!
  2. Who makes the Best Motorcycle Gloves?

    Motorcycle Safety And Riding Gear Discussions
    I have at least 4 different gloves (5 including some old ones that i rarely use any more). I use them for different conditions, from hot summer temperature to below freezing point (below 0 °C/32 °F), the later with electrical heating. All are different brands. In addition I have leather mittens...
  3. About the 900 fuel capacity, fuel gauge accuracy and low fuel level light

    Vulcan 900
    At about 300 km, or 5 liters of gas left in tank. This leaves about 100 km to find a gas station, which usually is more than enough. Usually I will get 400 km on one tank of gas (20 liters)
  4. ABS brakes for Vulcan vn900cf

    Vulcan 900
    This is correct (from 2016 for larger than 125 cc bikes).
  5. Gearbox issue VN900 Custom

    Vulcan 900
    What do you mean with "the gear is between 2-3 gear "? False neutral? If so, I wouldn't care too much. You are not supposed to leave it between gears. Shift technique could explain the vibrations (slow shifting while not matching speed of transmission input and output shafts).
  6. Issues with VN900 speed/fuel/stalling

    Vulcan 900
    Don't know what causes your troubles, but I think the VN900 is stock A2, i.e. without any modifications. I get about 400 km from one tank of gas, i.e. about 250 miles (i.e. (~47 mgp)
  7. The electric future of cruiser motorcycles + poll

    Vulcan 650 S
    Be warned that I am an oldster and have two tuk-tuk's (a V9 and a V2K) parked in my drive way. It's all about charge and charging. I will concider an e-bike when it can go at least 350 km on one charge ("normal" driving) and when recharging can be done in 5-10 minutes anywhere along the roads...
  8. 2009 Vulcan Custom 900 tire replacement

    Wheels and Tires
    I like the Bridgestone Exederas over the Dunlopes on my 900 Classic. I run them on 2.6 bar front and 2.8 bar rear.
  9. how fast do you really want to go?

    Other Motorcycles
    I tend to agree, if I had a crotch rocket. That's why I bought a cruiser (or now actually two) and not a crotch rocket. I know I would have tested it to its limit, and I am too old for that speed. 🐢🐢🐢
  10. how fast do you really want to go?

    Other Motorcycles
    Speed is not a good substitution for direction, so to me, it is utterly more important where I go than how fast I go where I am. However, I want to go at least so fast that I don't capsize her, but not so fast that the bugs penetrate my skin.
  11. Traded Vulcan S and then Broke my Arm

    Other Motorcycles
    3-4 months? Hah! I have to park my bike 5-6 months - every single year (winter with icy and snowy roads). Use your time to make plans for the next tour. And isn't this just the right time to order that (put your "nice to have" stuff here) thing your Verys absolutely need to have? Nice bike...
  12. How Long Have You Owned A Vulcan?

    General Vulcan Talk
    2015 VN900/4 years/abt. 24k miles 2005 VN2000/1 month/abt. 16k miles (of which abt. 1k by me) They are both my favorite bike. Don't think I'll be able to sell them.
  13. bike jack or stand

    Vulcan 900
    Also very nice for adjustment purposes (handlebars, pegs, backrests etc) since you can sit on the bike just like you are sitting when you ride with your feet on the boards/pegs. You can also sit on the pillion for testing new pegs/floorboards, backrest etc. Even two up. Put something under the...
  14. bike jack or stand

    Vulcan 900
    ...or just put a weight on the pillion. :good:
  15. Vulcan 900 Classic Pegs

    Vulcan 900
    https://www.vulcanforums.com/forums/49-vulcan-900/13379-floorboards-foot-pegs-900-classic.html There are also other threads in this forum about it. When coming to lean angle, it's not the floorboards that are the culprit. They are hinged. The culprit is the floorboard brackets, and they are...
  16. Motorcycle jack won't fit

    Vulcan 900
    The only one I could find that fit the width of my 900 Classic was this one (see pictures). I made it myself. Very cheap. Very functional. Very stable. 3 ft long, 4 inch thick and 8 inch wide. Lever is 3 ft long. Works for what I need it for. No need for service :smile2:. And no need to lock it...
  17. Vulcan 1500 feels like it doesn't want to turn

    Vulcan 1500
    Fully agree. :grin2: The :surprise: part was about hitting these (pictures) which I have done - well...occasionally... (yes, I'll stop hijacking this thread now:o)
  18. Vulcan 1500 feels like it doesn't want to turn

    Vulcan 1500
    Just my experience also. When the floorboards start scraping (at about 35-40 degrees lean angle?) it's time to add body lean into the equation. Pushing harder on the handlebar (trying to apply more countersteering) will bring the floorboard bracket down, and suddenly we're talking real hardware...
  19. Hello from Norway

    New Member Introductions
    I've been reading this forum for quite a while, and have now decided it's time to end my anonymous presence and say hello to you all fellow riders. Cheers, Frode
1-19 of 19 Results