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  • danchoi1234 ·
    Bạn đang cần tìm phan mem htkk 3.4.2
    hãy lựa chọn ngày công ty kế toán hà nội
    có địa chỉ học kế toán tại hà đông và
    địa chỉ học kế toán tại minh khai
    và địa chỉ học kế toán tại cầu giấy
    Nhận làm dịch vụ báo cáo tài chính cuối năm giá rẻ
    Và dịch vụ thành lập công ty
    và cong ty xuat khau lao dong thang long
    dewdewyah ·
    Hey There!

    I'm interested in your opinion on your batwing on the 900 custom. I really want to get one because I love the look of them, but am curious as to how much protection/how comfortable they are to ride with. I think I would go with a larger windshield because I really want the wind protection, but I'm not sure yet. I really hate helmet buffeting, but also (of course) want to look cool.

    Any insight would be appreciated.
    danchoi123 ·
    Chưa có kinh nghiệm xem tại hướng dẫn trích khấu hao tài sản cố định
    và cách lập bảng cân đối kế toán
    kèm theo cách lập tờ khai thuế môn bài cho chi nhánh
    nên theo học tại: TNCN 2.7
    Dac biet la Thuốc Shisha dam bao chat luong
    + học kế toán tại hải dương
    + học kế toán tại nghệ an
    MidIAVoyager ·
    Thanks for the update and congrats on the new family..yes wife and I traided in the 900 and went to the 2013 voyager we saw the white/silver last year when it came out and just loved it we had the white/titanium 09 900 and had trailer painted to match and I think it's will be a close match for the voyager the hardest part right now is it sits in the garage covered up with the odometer reading 0 and trailer is in shed so until I get them side by side it's hard to tell but it's been a long winter looking at a new bike waiting for spring
    MidIAVoyager ·
    Hello whitings haven't talked to you for a while and was thinking that I read in a post somewhere that you had moved up to the voyager and had your 900 and Piggybacker on consignment at a dealer was wondering if that all worked out or whether I was completely wrong about all
    griley88 ·
    I read your post about the trip towing the trailer. I have a 2003 800 classic and I want to put on a trailer hitch but have heard that the smaller cruisers run hot trying to pull this much weight. Did you have any problems like this towing your trailer?
    KenDawg ·

    I hope all is well with you and your family. Question for you. Do you notice a protection/noise benefit from using the Batwing vs. stock windshield? I figure if anyone on here can tell me it is you. Thanks for the input. Drive and ride safe

    Clumpster ·
    Really nice bike Whiting,
    I was thinking about replacing the factory shield on my LT and was wondering how well the batwing works. Can you compare it to a stock type (or equivalent) shield for how it works to protect you from headwind buffeting? I also wonder where you got it painted or the paint if you DIY? Thanks, Clint
    MidIAVoyager ·
    Whiting; I see you have a cover for bike and trailer can you give more info Im looking for one for the piggybacker trailer thanks, Randy
    ram61 ·
    Hey Whiting, posted a few pics of the batwing and wolo horn I mounted up. I'll try to get more/better pics when I get photobucket figured out. Still need to get the vulcan emblem mounted. thanks for all your help!
    ram61 ·
    Thanks again for the response and part numbers Whiting. I will post some pics when I have it all finished.
    whiting57 ·
    Hey there, i believe it was painted on, its under the clearcoat, kinda hard to tell.

    The vulcan emblem , i ordered from cheapcycleparts.com

    this is the part number


    mark,backrest part # 56052-0852

    give them a call .... shoot me some pics when you have it all done

    cheers maurice
    ram61 ·
    Hey whiting57
    Getting ready to drop off my batwing to get painted. My color scheme is like yours. Was wondering if your pin striping is painted on or if you used factory Kaw striping? Also, is the Vulcan symbol you used on your batwing the one off of your old windshield? Thanks for the continued help!
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