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  • captram1 ·
    Hey Mac, Sorry for the long time out. Good reply...thanks. I am still working for SCPD. I'm in my 20th year and still pushin. I worked in the 1st pct for 2 months this winter. My regular assignment is Marine Bureau. I have my 100 ton ticket and I work the eastern most sector on the south shore. My partner and I run a 31' Safeboat with twin 275 Merc Verado's. It's a great job. My partner worked 8 years on NYPD, took the test and came over to Suffolk. I was stationed aboard the USCGC Red Beech (157' Bouy tender that is now a fishing reef off of Chesapeake Bay) on GI from 1982-1986. I did 18 months on Ambrose Tower and finished my active time at Sta Fire Island. I did 12 active and laterelled into the reserves. Just waiting to turn 60 to get a check. Stay safe and be well Bro
    Bob (Captram1)
    captram1 ·
    Hey USCGMAC...I too am PD (Suffolk County) and USCG Retired (RET2) Riding a 2010 Nomad. Brand new to this forum and so far loving what I see and read.
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