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  • pcarrell ·
    BTW, all Drifters did not have the POG. The 1999 Drifter was the first of Kawasaki's 1500's to get a proper metal oil gear, with the rest of the lineup following the next year.
    claytonbakerjr ·
    Sorry for the delay.
    He really did not budge much on price but did work out shipping.
    I just couldn't send him money without some sort of guarantee I would get the bags.
    I have been taken advantage of too many times to trust people anymore.
    Oh well I hope you can get them.
    Good Luck
    rhoule1 ·
    Hey TS Tinker
    Installed the lightbar today and wired it to the yellow wire like you said and High beam works with both spot lights. Tell me, are the spot lights suppose to be very low power, they don't look bright at all. Are they suppose to be Halogen lamps? Just wondering.
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