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  • smarvel01 ·
    Hey Texas Nurse. Shout out to you and BRAVO to you for being such an outbound, proactive value-add kinds person. I saw that you are a top contributor so I assume that means you have had the time and the great consideration to help lots of folks who post. So, I just wanted to say thank you in advance. I am brand new to the forum and as far as that goes, any forum. I just picked up my bike yesterday and already have the first 100 miles logged on my old 65 year old back. But all in all I am quite pumped and just like the t-shirt says, "We're never to old to rock and roll" or to ride for that matters. Anyway, I just wanted to throw a thank you your way for being a rock solid person. Bravo, again, Texas Nurse. Bravo.
    vb4life ·
    Where did you get those bags? I am currently working on a deal for a 17 Red SE and was going to get the factory premium bags, but would rather have hard bags that lock.
    va7db ·
    Tried that but still not comfortable, looks like I might have to go for a reduced reach seat :-( Getting old sucks :). Thanks for replying and hope your 2018 is a safe year that brings you good health and much happiness......ride safe ! Dave
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