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  • Papa Smrph ·
    silenthill, How are you? I am from Ontario, up in the Kawarthas. I would really like to see a larger photo of your bike. I think we have sisters, including colour. I am wondering how the bags look on yours. I really like the 900 Classic. Have about 35K on mine. By the way, do you ride with the Canadian Motorcyle Cruisers? On my bike I have added modulating headlights and a brake light flasher, a honking big air horn (Woboy) and kickback risers due to short arms. Anyway safe rider, hope to hear from you
    racinfan101 ·
    I love your Harley thread it lets me vent! I hate the attitude we get sometimes and I think that may be one of HD's best sales tools......peer preasure! The 900's I think are one of the best bang for the bucks out there and yet some people would spend what a new 900 costs on a 6 year old sportster just because of the HD name. More power to HD for that I guess.
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